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Badlands Search and Rescue (BSAR) is a vital service that helps locate and rescue people who have become lost or injured in the rugged terrain of the Badlands. The BSAR team is comprised of volunteers who require specialized equipment, training, and resources to carry out their missions effectively. Donations from individuals and organizations play a crucial role in helping the BSAR team to continue providing their valuable services to the community.

One of the most significant expenses for the BSAR team is the cost of specialized equipment. The team requires a range of gear, including GPS devices, ropes, harnesses, medical supplies, and other equipment, to safely and effectively carry out their missions. Donations can help the BSAR team to purchase and maintain this equipment, ensuring that they are always ready to respond to emergencies in western North Dakota.

In addition to equipment, the BSAR team requires extensive training to carry out their duties safely. Donations can help provide funding for training programs and certifications that are necessary for team members to carry out their duties. This includes wilderness survival training, first aid courses, technical rescue training, and other specialized programs. With the support of donations, the BSAR team can ensure that their members are always prepared to handle any situation they may encounter.

Finally, donations can help the BSAR team to maintain their operations and keep their resources up to date. This includes the cost of maintaining vehicles, communication equipment, and other critical resources. With the help of the community, the BSAR team can continue to serve their community effectively, ensuring that those who become lost or injured in western North Dakota can be located and rescued in a timely and safe manner.

Please consider donating to our team so that we may serve the people of the great state of North Dakota.

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