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Badlands SAR was formed in September 2018 in Watford City, North Dakota. Founded when our founder, Travis Bateman, realized a need for such a team and abilities while serving as a deputy sheriff for McKenzie County. Once the journey began it was soon realized just how much was involved with search and rescue and the work to bring all of the skills and knowledge has been a team effort ever since. The need to establish true knowledge of search topics rings true with almost every case that fits a SAR category. While rescue tactics and abilities are needing improvement as well, the search piece is what is continuously found to be absent. Not just in our region, but nationally, SAR teams are struggling and cases repeat the nasty reality over and over again that more training, readiness, and abilities are needed for searches. A rescue cannot take place without knowing the proper ways to search for and locate someone first. It isn't a put down, it is just a true and harsh reality that needs to be realized. 

Our volunteer members are on a mission to improve and overhaul this in order to bring these skills and abilities to the region so that missing persons cases and waterway or backcountry/remote area incidents don't suffer due to a lack of proper training, certifications, gear, vehicles, and attention. It is a big ask, but our volunteers and community partners, families from past cases, and several government and agency representatives, missing person case advocates, and others are on board with us and addressing this, for the better.



Our team being a non-governmental team, is able to respond whereever we are willing to go. Currently, we are available to respond anywhere within the states of North Dakota and Montana. Our insurance covers us for four states; ND, MT, SD, and WY. 



Our team is comprised of members from all walks of life and backgrounds. We have members employed in public safety, construction, oil & gas, military veterans, electricians, local/native residents, and new century or multi-generational people that make up our team. Their personalities and backgrounds are each unique but they match where it matters and that is having the mindset and heart to help and help others when needed.

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