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Our Logo / Patch






The Badlands SAR logo / patch isn't just something we put on our uniforms or gear. In following the historical purpose of patches, derived from the shields and crests of history, each part of a patch is to represent and stand for something. We applied that methodology in designing ours as we wanted for it to be more, mean more, and represent more.

The meaning of each part of the patch:
-the circle of the logo means a never ending commitment to readiness, training, skillset, and devotion to helping others.

-orange is a color of determination and high visibility.
-orange outline/border encased in black represents the Thin Orange Line that SAR teams represent and hold to stand ready and able to assist those injured or missing and to seek those lost or stranded. The black represents separation from chaos and isolation as well as representing the mourning of those SAR members lost in the line of duty in their mission to help others.
-the orange lettering of search & rescue is that for the uniform color of SAR as it is blaze orange, so as to stand out in any terrain.

Badlands skyline:
-the rounded, gray and brown clay peaks and bluffs of the Badlands represents the ruggedest area we serve, the Badlands, like mountains, but of very different topography and composition, are truly unique and in that, create their own subcategory of challenges altogether, unlike any other found.

Compass dial with declination marks:
-the compass ring with needle to North, represents land navigation and the staple to our mission of bringing those souls lost back to a place of safety and/or to their loved ones, alive or otherwise.




-the letters “ND” in Badlands are green for it is the color of growth, safety, and environment. And for the abbreviation to our home base state, North Dakota.

Red Trail Marker:
-the red trailhead cross denotes the unique trails we have for backcountry recreation and therein also makes the international symbol of humanitarian aid, the red cross

Maah Daah Hey Turtle
—The turtle represents the longest and very challenging Maah Daah Hey Trail that draws so many to the area. The turtle is also sacred to the Native American tribes and is a creature of wisdom. Resolute in its movements, methodical with each step, and dynamic in water.

-MMXVIII, the Roman numerals for 2018, the year in which our organization was founded.

Yellow Rope:
-the yellow rope and knot represent the rescuers and the team. The color yellow is that of loyalty (to team and those that need help) and honor (adherence to proper principles and techniques), caution (great care and attention). To give 100% effort in all we do both in devotion to those we seek to help and to those fellow team members we serve side by side with. When the knot is pulled tight by the team nothing will stop us from completing our mission. Team effort.

-the blue of the sky represents vigilance and perseverance of our team to educate those in safety and survival. To safeguard those found and in need of rescue. And to press on and forge ahead on any mission as someone in need is out there, somewhere.

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